Culture and purpose

At Norconsult Digital, we have an informal working environment, we work closely with the client – using cutting-edge digital expertise while embracing a flat organizational structure.

At Norconsult Digital we are informal and help each other to create the best solutions for our customers. Cooperation and teamwork with colleagues, collaboration partners and customers is the key to much of our success. Also, we place great emphasis on a positive work environment. Our community is characterised by a positive energy level and good relationships that inspire the working day. We believe that a pleasant and inclusive environment promotes creativity and inspiration and we want our employees to enjoy themselves at work.

Our culture -  LiVE

We have summarised our business culture in LiVE Norconsult, our eleven principles for Management, Values and Ethics. Our culture is based on diversity, transparency and mutual respect. The objective of "Every day we improve everyday life" is our promise to everyone and defines who we are.

Our approach to Leadership, Values and Ethics characterises the entire Group, from how we collaborate with our colleagues to client dialogue and how we conduct our business ethically and profitably.

Leadership – Ambition, Cooperation, Transparency, Trust, Care, Accountability
Through good self-leadership, we create results by setting goals, strengthening our culture LiVE, and creating a positive working environment.

Values – Honest, Competent, Inclusive, Engaged
Our attitude drives our results. To reach our goals, we have four core values which serve as living rules for our behaviour.

Our Rule of Thumb for Ethics - All our behaviour shall be able to withstand public scrutiny
We have strong ethical awareness. We make good and sustainable choices, and we act with integrity in everything we do, see Ethics and integrity