Developing a solution for a complex societal problem – and rolling it out internationally

The municipalities of Bærum, Oslo and Asker have sparked a minor revolution by developing a digital marketplace for reusing surplus spoil. Norconsult Digital has been chosen to head the innovation partnership and, together with the municipalities, they will scale the solution both nationally and internationally.

- We couldn’t have asked for a better project to launch Norconsult Digital. Bærum municipality was looking for a partner to develop, manage and scale a digital marketplace for reusing surplus spoil, a kind of eBay for surplus spoil. We were able to contribute and showcase our skills as a strategic digitalisation partner, says Cathrine Marstein Engen, Head of GIS and Municipal Administration at Norconsult Digital.

The project is a public-private innovation partnership, and the solution fills a gap in the existing market. Norconsult Digital won the tender together with Pure Logic and Norsk Gjenvinning m3.

Digital and sustainable solution to a massiv problem

The construction of transport infrastructure and other construction activities generates large quantities of surplus spoil comprising uncontaminated soil, stone, concrete and asphalt. These resources are not currently reused much, and the excavation of new materials, consumption, landfilling and long transport distances result in major greenhouse gas emissions and negative impacts on the local environment.

- Our ambition is to solve a complex societal problem. This solution ticks many boxes. It prevents spoil from going astray, increases the level of recycling and saves time and money. It is circular economy in practice and is sustainable in every way, says Tore Gulli, Project Director at Bærum municipality.

The aim of the partnership is to develop a solution that can be used nationally and also scaled internationally.

The “whole package”

Norconsult Digital was selected following a major and fiercely contested tender competition. Extensive expertise and experience were an important factor behind the decision.

- We needed a partner with the capacity to develop, manage and scale the solution. Norconsult Digital were a good match because they have both the specialist knowledge of the construction industry and the necessary technological expertise, says Gulli.

Perfect fit with Norconsult Digital

- The digital marketplace for reusing surplus spoil is not just a pioneering solution fixing a major challenge facing the construction industry. It is also a perfect project for Norconsult Digital to launch itself on the market, says Cathrine Marstein Engen.

As a partner, Norconsult Digital will help develop, manage and scale the marketplace, thereby improving the everyday lives of construction industry players. This is fully in line with the company’s ambitions.

- We aim to be a digitalisation partner who joins up all the dots. We are in a unique position because we have the expertise to align the digital ecosystem across different parties and solutions. We have to fully exploit the benefits this offers, and that’s something we can definitely do in this collaboration, concludes Marstein Engen.

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