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About us

We are Norconsult Digital

Norconsult Digital is a comprehensive digitalisation partner that offers both software and services to players in the real estate and infrastructure sectors. For more than three decades, we have continually pioneered innovative technologies by combining our profound expertise across various fields and industries with our in-depth knowledge of software and information technology.

Every day we improve everyday life 

We have solutions and expertise that span the entire project lifecycle, from planning, design, construction, to management. We have extensive experience in connecting value chains from various stakeholders such as clients, contractors and consultants, ensuring that digitalisation becomes more than the sum of its parts. That's why we are one of the leading software companies in the Nordic region.

Norconsult Digital operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Norconsult AS, Norway's largest consulting engineering firm.  Together with Norconsult, we continually aspire to deliver sustainable, efficient, and socially beneficial solutions, setting the benchmark for excellence in our field.

We have nearly 300 employees who are experts in data, software and system development, as well as a competent team of consultants. We serve thousands of customers in both the public and private sectors throughout the Nordic region. In 2022, Norconsult Digital, which is owned by Norconsult, had a turnover of NOK 332 million.

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Culture and purpose

Sustainability and social mission


Norconsult Digital partners with several global, regional and national industry partners. Our focus on collaboration reflects our desire to be a comprehensive digitalisation partner for all our clients. At a time when digitalisation is developing at breakneck speed, the key to “keeping up” is close collaboration with proactive partners:


A new company is launched under the name Norconsult Digital, combining the two former companies Norconsult Information Systems and Norconsult Astando.



Norconsult Information Systems acquires the company Pure Logic AS to strengthen its focus on decision-making support, digitalisation and sustainability, using digital solutions that make it easier to make smart and sustainable choices around clients’ projects and strategy processes.



Norconsult Information Systems acquires the company Fundator AS, which supplies highly sought-after solutions in system development, machine learning, IT architecture and IT consultancy.



In May 2013, Norconsult Information Systems (NoIS) acquires the company Astando AB, and enters the Swedish market. Astando employs 30 staff with offices in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Töreboda, and supplies IT solutions and services in GIS and intelligent transport systems. The acquisition strengthens NoIS’s position as a supplier of GIS solutions, particularly in the road and transport sector.



Norconsult Information Systems (NoIS) acquires several companies and small businesses in Norway. The company increases its turnover and headcount, expands its product portfolio and gradually gains a foothold in MOM, property management, municipal enterprises and IT solutions for the digitalisation of building and construction projects. We also establish ourselves in the energy sector for reporting and operation of power plants, while the acquisition of the company FM Professional in 2007 delivers solutions in property management and digital photogrammetry.



It all started in 1987. The consultancy company Elliot Strømme AS and Norsk Data AS establish a joint venture called Techno Cad AS. The company develops and markets CAD solutions for construction, based on the CAD system Technovision. Norsk Data faces major challenges in the late 1980s in connection with the transition from mini-computers to PCs, and sells its shareholding to Techno Cad. At the same time, Techno Cad’s solutions are moved to the CAD system MicroStation, which is still the company’s platform today. The solutions are also introduced in the oil and gas market, with spectacular success, and this market remains important for Norconsult Digital until the present day.