Experienced professionals

Are you an experienced professional looking for a new challenge?

Kjersti joined us in August 2021. Previously, she held various financial roles within a number of other companies.

- My working day is much more varied now, says Kjersti.

While she certainly makes use of her financial background and previous work experience in her role as consultant/project manager/team leader, she emphasises that several completely different qualities are required to be a successful project manager.

- We try to implement changes in the companies we help. The ability to view and understand a company’s processes is key. What does the client/organisation want from the solution? Once we know this, it’s easier to identify the next task in the process.

- You must also be creative, and you must understand the client to create the best solution for them. However, the key prerequisite for success as a project manager that enjoys working with people.

Career and Expertise Development

Life as a new Norconsult Digital employee

As part of their onboarding at Norconsult Digital, all new employees complete the e-learning course “The Key to Norconsult”, along with a two-day introduction course at our head office in Sandvika. They get to meet both the group management and other new employees from different disciplines and locations. The purpose is to give new employees a thorough introduction to the group’s business model and management system, and to establish a solid basis for cooperation and strengthen the company’s professional network.

At the heart of the business

In the field of assignment/project implementation and assignment/project management, Norconsult offers a comprehensive expertise development programme named after Norconsult’s set of principles that characterise how we strive to provide the best possible service for our clients – LiVE PRO. You can read more about LiVE PRO here.

For HR managers

One of Norconsult’s goals is to ensure that those employees who are good role models for our corporate culture and have both talent and ambitions in business and personnel management can realise these ambitions with the company. As a line manager at Norconsult, you are responsible for employees, financial results, as well as the  commercial and strategic development of the company. Norconsult Digital’s line managers play a crucial role in developing the expertise of each employee.

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