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At Norconsult Digital, we are constantly on the outlook for talented and enthusiastic individuals. With us, professional expertise goes hand in hand with strong values, team spirit and interdisciplinary curiosity. A dash of dry humor won’t go amiss either. We firmly believe that enhanced diversity strengthens both our team and our deliverables, enhancing both individual projects and as the company as a whole.

Watch season 2 of The Consultants

In our reality TV series Rådgiverne (“The Consultants”), you get to meet some of our talented people. You will gain a unique insight into what our consultants get up to each day, the challenges we face, how we resolve them, and our working environment in general.

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Kick-start your career with the Nordic region’s leading IT company🚀

At Norconsult Digital, we develop socially beneficial services and solutions that help build communities. We are driven and united by our purpose – every day we improve everyday life.

You will be part of a strong professional team of enthusiastic colleagues who spur each other on. You will enjoy a varied working day with the opportunity to work on different types of projects – and unrivalled opportunities to develop both professionally and personally.

Part-time positions and summer jobs

Do you seem to spend most of your time in the reading room?👩‍💻 Ever wonder what working life is like out there in the “real world”? Every year, Norconsult Digital offers students access cards, cups of coffee and valuable work experience, through summer jobs and part-time jobs, allowing them to combine work with their studies✨

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The Young Professionals Council

We are particularly interested in giving our younger employees the opportunity and the support they need to take on exciting challenges, as well as give them a sense of responsibility, as early as possible. That’s why Norconsult has established a Young Professionals Council that helps ensure that the company develops in a way that our younger employees would like.

The Young Professionals Council, which comprises ten members from different disciplines and locations, reports to group management at least twice a year about the younger employees’ perceptions of Norconsult as a workplace. The Young Professionals Council works continuously on relevant issues, either on its own initiative or on assignment from management, to ensure that Norconsult remains an attractive workplace for young professionals. The Young Professionals Council wants all young employees to feel part of a young community, regardless of where they work. “Young People’s Day”, a gathering for all employees under the age of 36, is just one of the events the Council arranges each year.

I’ve really enjoyed the start to my career with Norconsult Digital, and I particularly appreciate having a say in my own development and areas in which I can specialise.
Lars Martin Hodne
  • Marion Emilsen

    Avdelingsleder Forretningsutvikling, Salg og Marked

  • Merethe Wold Sagen

    Seniorrådgiver Marked

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