Improved estimates for deliverables to the process industry

As a total supplier to the industrial sector, Veltec Industrial Services AS (Veltec) is using new digital solutions to improve quality, pricing and time spent on its projects. With the cost estimate solution ISY ByggOffice, the company has gained increased control of its finances and more effective internal collaboration.

Veltec is a recognized service company specializing in technical disciplines. The company provides services to the process industry, including refineries, the chemical industry, power plants, and other energy production. In the Norwegian part of the business, they have over 150 employees.

In recent years, Veltec has experienced growth while increasingly focusing on renewable and green technology.

With more employees and a more complex operation, it has become increasingly important to have a better overview of costs and income, as well as improved calculation and production follow-up.

- A lot is happening on the digitalization front in the construction and civil engineering industry. That’s why we started looking for solutions that could help us manage our projects to meet expected quality, cost, and time. At the same time, it was important for us that the solution also makes it easier for our employees to collaborate on projects, says Hans Petter Erlandsen, the bid manager at Veltec.

Simple interaction

ISY ByggOffice is a complete solution for estimation and cost control throughout projects. The solution is an invaluable tool for contractors of all sizes in various industries.

- Contractors need to estimate projects both to ensure efficient and profitable operations and to win new projects. It is crucial to have control over the work to be performed, says Andreas Myrhaug, sales consultant at Norconsult Digital.

ISY ByggOffice has been a departure from using Excel for estimating for many, providing more advantages than just better quality in estimation.

- Before ISY ByggOffice was introduced, we used Excel. However, ISY ByggOffice is much more intuitive and makes it easier to collaborate across teams, explains Erlandsen.

Dependent on finding the smartest solutions

- As a large company, we depend on finding the smartest solutions to operate efficiently. We are always open to new technology, and ISY ByggOffice is a good example of that, says Erlandsen.

ISY ByggOffice is an established solution that has been on the market since 1985 and remains an important solution and a focus area for Norconsult Digital. The company continuously strives to improve the solution to meet client’s needs and to cultivate long-term client relationships.

- Solutions for estimation and cost control are core systems for contractors, so it is not surprising that ISY ByggOffice has become a very important solution for our clients. There is significant development in both the market and the solutions, and we look forward to continuing our work in this area, concludes Myrhaug.


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