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Our consultants’ expertise and industry knowledge are used every day, to solve challenges and create positive customer experiences. Our broad range of knowledge and skills means that we can create interdisciplinary teams that quickly immerse themselves in, and resolve, complex issues. With the customer in focus, we always start our assignments with a clarification of expectations so that we’re sure we understand the customer’s actual requirements, and that the results provide value for the customer.

Consultancy services

Our consultants have extensive expertise and experience in leveraging technological opportunities in general, and opportunities offered by our ISY solutions in particular. This means that we can quickly familiarise ourselves with the challenges facing our clients and, most importantly – do something about them.

Ask us about project leadership, changes in work processes, innovative development projects, utilisation of technical systems in an ISY portfolio, as well as advice and consultancy services in disciplines such as GIS, BIM, digital interaction and project management.

Our GIS consultants can help to highlight various issues, solve and automate tasks, improve work processes, perform specific tasks for a period when the necessary skills or resources are missing, as well as implement and use an open-source GIS tool. We have experience of most GIS-related tasks in municipal administration and can offer skills and resources associated with land registry, land planning, access to maps, analyses, terrain models, to name but a few.

In the field of BIM and digital interaction, we offer digital solutions for the construction industry. We have several BIM coordinators who quality assure model deliveries and ensure that BIM is always updated and controlled by the latest models. During digital interaction, we follow-up the developer’s contractual BIM requirements towards contractors and engineers. In this context, we manage and configure the digital solutions in the project from early phase to handover, as well as prepare systems, components and automated solutions for managing everything from FDV, physical marking, document collection, controls, inspections, tests, etc.

Within the field of project management, we have consultants with extensive experience and expertise in planning, project management, as well as financial management, including reporting, budget and contract follow-up.

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