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Digital solutions for players in the buildings and property sector

Norconsult Digital offers solutions for key players in the buildings and property sector: property managers, tenants, contractors and consultants.

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We have created a state-of-the-art cloud solution for the management and commercial operation of buildings, in which managers, tenants and service providers collaborate digitally.​ 

For planning development projects, we offer solutions that address everything from digital notification of planning start-up, through participation and input from residents to streamline notification of neighbours and submission of all types of building applications.​ 

Are you looking for engineering and structural design services for the dimensioning of building structures? We offer customised, in-house solutions. We also distribute FEM-designs and deliver time-saving add-on modules for the most commonly used BIM/CAD solutions.​

– We were given the opportunity to take a step back and imagine what we would have done if we could start with a clean sheet. We had three systems, which we ideally wanted to combine into one. In the end we chose ISY Eiendom.
Bjørn Helge Johansen,

Technical Consultant, Operations and Maintenance Department, Innlandet County Council

For refurbishment and development projects, we offer innovative project implementation solutions, where clients, consultants and contractors work seamlessly together in integrated workflows. Our solutions support VDC and flexible methodology, as well as the use of BIM throughout the project period.​ Our system has been developed in close consultation with consultants and contractors. 

Sustainability is key to an industry that is a major consumer of energy and other resources. Our solutions help your organisation to balance sustainability goals against risk, finance, quality and progress.

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