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Digital solutions to meet your transport infrastructure challenges

Norconsult Digital has extensive experience in delivering solutions to key players in the transport sector: public administrators, consultants and contractors. We deliver digital products and services for planning, design, construction and management of road and street infrastructure.

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For planning new infrastructure, we offer solutions that cover everything from digital notification of planning start-up, through participation and input from residents, to effective notification of neighbours and submission of all types of building applications.

We offer solutions that meet the need for development projects to ensure efficient and controlled implementation of transport projects, connecting clients, consultants and contractors in a shared workflow. Our solutions support VDC and flexible methodology, and the use of BIM throughout the entire project.

- When we develop new urban areas, we must ensure sustainable development – environmentally, socially and economically. All three parameters are equally important and must be fully aligned.
Tine Villadsen Gundersen,

Head of Urban Development at Norconsult

In the field of design, we offer solutions for the dimensioning of structures such as retaining walls and foundations, and we are also a distributor of FEM-design. We supply add-on modules for software such as Autodesk and Microstation.

We deliver SaaS solutions for operation and maintenance of transport systems, featuring smart integration with the National Road Database (NVDB), and which also interact with the operating contractors’ digital processes.

Sustainability is key to the entire transport sector. We can help your organisation balance its sustainability goals against risk, finance and quality, using solutions and processes that ensure high quality decision-making and priority setting.

  • Idar Kirkhorn

    Head of Products

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