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Norconsult Digital delivers customised solutions for management and development in the public sector. We offer solutions for everything from operations and maintenance to urban development and municipal administration.

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This includes solutions that support official climate and environmental initiatives and promote the development of attractive locations and cities. For example, applications and services that ensure environmentally, socially and economically sustainable land use.

– When we develop new urban areas, we must prioritize sustainable development across environmental, social and economic dimensions. All three parameters are of equal importance and must harmonize seamlessly.
Tine Villadsen Gundersen,

Head of Urban Development at Norconsult

Our suite of applications and services encompasses environmentally, socially and economically sustainable land use. Our solutions cover everything from land use and measure analyses, participation in planning processes through to management and use of geographical information.​ We offer a wide range of planning processes including digital notification of all affected parties in building and planning projects. These are fully digital services that ensure broad involvement and participation from the  project’s early stages. We believe that this improves project quality and reduces the overall implementation timelines, since input and potential conflicts have already been identified during the project’s inception.

We also offer a wide range of management solutions for maps and geodata, including subject modules for cadastral and land surveying, mapping and land register records, as well as our access solutions for maps including plans, building applications and other thematic data.

We also deliver solutions that safeguard the administrative responsibilities of municipalities with regard to the collection of property tax, municipal charges, waste disposal, water meters, etc.
In addition, we offer complete operation and maintenance solutions for municipal engineering and port facilities.

For refurbishment and development projects, we offer tools for project implementation that streamline interaction between clients, consultants, and contractors. Our solutions support a wide range of contract types, from traditional to collaborative-based contracts employing VDC and BIM throughout the entire life cycle of the project.​ We also offer solutions for detailed project planning and financial monitoring in construction projects.

Finally, our expertice extends to managing road infrastructure, excavation permits, buildings and parks. Our solutions connect management and operations with contractors in integrated workflows and contract follow-up.​

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