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Digital solutions for energy and industry

Norconsult Digital delivers solutions for the energy and industry sector. We supply customised solutions for all stakeholders in the sector: property managers, operators, contractors and consultants.

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We have over 30 years experience developing management, operation and maintenance solutions for Norwegian energy suppliers. Our solutions make a real difference to a  improvement initiatives and help coordinate processes across disciplines and locations. For planning new industrial facilities, we offer solutions that address everything from digital notification of planning initiation, through participation and input from residents to effective notification of neighbours and submission of all types of building applications.​ 

– The hydropower industry has always been regarded as conservative. However, in recent years we have become increasingly interested in exploring how digital solutions can improve the operation of hydropower plants.
Are Kjetil Nordgård,

Technical Consultant, NTE Energi Power Plants division

We offer solutions that streamline the entire project implementation process, connecting developers, consultants and contractors in integrated workflows. Our solutions support VDC and flexible working methods, and the use of BIM throughout the entire project period. 

We supply complete solutions for optimising operations and maintenance to ensure stable and safe production over the entire lifetime of the plant. Our solutions encompass a wide range, including maintenance analysis, budgeting, planning, and implementing maintenance solutions tailored to market needs.

Sustainability is key to an industry that is both a major consumer and producer of energy. We can help your organisation balance sustainability goals against risk, financial targets, quality and progress – using solutions that ensure high-quality decision-making and priority setting.

In the field of design, we have our own solutions for the dimensioning of structures. We also deliver add-on modules for software such as Autodesk and Microstation.​

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